Summer School 2018

Well  it is that time of year again….SUMMER SCHOOL! We have some fantastic plans for fun classes that will have you bursting through the doors each day and Sam has decided that she wants to join in the fun too this year! Yay!



Our Summer classes are fun and always have a little flavour of something different, something you may never have tried before. You will end the week with a small performance to family and friends showing them your completed routines.


We at SSD are proud to offer our pupils many different opportunities if they would like to partake, one of these opportunities is competing in The British Arts Awards

“The British Arts Awards is an annual International Dance, Singing and Drama Competition. Preliminary rounds which are judged on a national standard, are adjudicated in the teachers own premises. Honours items then go to an area semi-finals. At semi-finals, marks over 85 are awarded Merit Certificates. The highest merit marks in each section are then called to the London Finals.”

We hope to be able to enter some of our summer school work into the competition when the season gets going again so, fingers crossed everyone.