Weekly Timetable


1:45pm  to  2:30pm Pre-School Ballet
4:15pm  to  5:00pm Pre-Primary Ballet
5:00pm  to  5:45pm Primary Ballet
6:00pm  to  7:00pm Grade 6 Ballet
7:00pm  to  8:00pm Pre Intermediate-Foundation Ballet
8:15pm  to  9:15pm Adult Ballet (Intermediate)


5:00pm  to  6:00pm Grade 4 Modern/Jazz
6:00pm  to  7:00pm Senior Tap
7:00pm  to  8:00pm Senior Modern/Jazz
8:00pm  to  9:00pm Grade 5 Modern/Jazz


10:00am  to  10:45am Pre-School Ballet
11:00am  to  11:30am Toddles
4:15pm  to  5:15pm Grade 1 Ballet
5:15pm  to  6:15pm Grade 1 Ballet
6:15pm  to  7:30pm Intermediate Foundation Ballet
7:30pm  to  8:45pm Intermediate Ballet


5:00pm  to  6:00pm Grade 3 Ballet
6:00pm  to  7:00pm Grade 4 Ballet
7:00pm  to  8:15pm Grade 5 Ballet
8:15pm  to  9:30pm Grade 8 / Advanced Foundation Ballet


5:00pm  to  6:00pm Grade 2 Ballet
6:00pm  to  7:00pm Grade 2 Ballet
8:15pm  to  9:15pm Adult Ballet (Beginners level)


9:00am  to  9:45am Beginners Tap and Modern
9:10am  to  9:55am Pre-School Ballet
9:55am  to  10:40am Primary Ballet
10:00am  to  10:45am Pre-School Tap & Modern
11:00am  to  11:45am Pre-Primary Ballet
11:00am  to  11:30am Preparatory Tap 1
11:30am  to  12:00pm Grade 1 Modern
12:00pm  to  12:30pm Preparatory Tap 2
12:30pm  to  1:15pm Grade 2 Modern
1:15pm  to  2:00pm Bronze Tap
2:00pm  to  2:45pm Grade 3 Modern
2:45pm  to  3:30pm Silver Tap
3:30pm  to  4:15pm Gold Tap

Our Adult Tap and Modern is on Thursday evenings at Rookwood School, Andover.
Please contact us for further details.